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Our paths joined in 2018, when we were enchanted by the distant world of Indonesia and especially the unique feeling of peace and humility provided not only by the surrounding nature, but also by the interior elements of the facilities we had the opportunity to visit. With that came the idea to bring this feeling to our latitudes through products and accessories for the interiors of your homes. This is how our “BaliMyHome” was born.

We are a trading company that deals in the sale of handmade products from faraway Indonesia . Our portfolio mainly includes copper bathtubs, sinks and copper accessories for your kitchen, as well as metal and wooden decorations.

The materials we use are selected with an emphasis on sustainability, ecology and recyclability . All our products are unique as they are made by hand thanks to the skillful hands of masters with an emphasis on the quality of raw material processing , accuracy and originality . We consider the delivery of our products to a newly emerging resort on the island of Nusa Penida in the Suana part of Bali to be one of our successes.

The human connection with nature is encoded in our genes. A cozy and bright house is part of that and a place where everyone wants to feel satisfied and comfortable. And this is also the motto of our company: “Our quality and approach is your satisfaction.”

One of our activities is the sale and rental of our real estate to clients for housing and industrial premises for their business activities.

Copper products – tradition, quality and long-lasting style for your home.

Advantages of copper

Naturally antimicrobial / antibacterial

Mold resistant

Durable / Long life

Wide range of shapes and sizes

It conducts heat for a constant temperature

Resistant to rust and corrosion

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